Every day, we extend the agricultural frontier, clearing virgin rainforest to grow feedcrops for livestock. Meanwhile, businesses and municipalities pay to get rid of food waste. In this session, I will introduce a potential solution: ‘The Pig Idea’… a campaign that aims to encourage the use of food waste to feed pigs.

Thousands of years ago, humans domesticated pigs and chickens to convert food waste and agricultural residues back into food. We have abandoned this regenerative farming system and I show that the environmental and economic benefits of reviving it are enormous.

I contend that policymakers need to change laws against feeding food waste to livestock. Even within what’s legal, I show that we can divert much more food waste to livestock. Our food system needs to stop driving deforestation and biodiversity loss, instead circulating our uneaten food back into additional delicious nourishment.

Join me in this session to hear more about the campaign, the benefits it can bring, and how you can get involved.