I first opened my eyes to the global food waste scandal as a teenager when feeding my pigs at home with waste from the local baker, greengrocer and my school canteen. The food I found in supermarket bins  was so shockingly fresh and high quality that I started eating it myself as a protest against the injustice of food waste. After years of campaigning, I wrote Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal and The Bloodless Revolution: A cultural history of vegeterianism from 1600 to Modern Times.

With shortages, volatile prices, environmental disasters and nearly one billion people hungry, the world has a food problem - or thinks it does. Combining front-line investigation with startling new data, Waste shows how the way we live now has created a global food crisis - and what we can do to fix it.

Hailed by critics on both sides of the Atlantic, The Bloodless Revolution is a comprehensive history of vegetarianism. Starting from 17th century India, the book explores the fascinating story of how vegetarianism spread throughout Europe through the adventures of eccentrics, missionaries and philosophers.